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Sleep Squares Product
Are Sleep Squares ingredients natural?
Do Sleep Squares contain any addictive ingredients?
Do Sleep Squares contain GMO ingredients?
How do Sleep Squares work?
I am allergic to a number of common ingredients. Are any of them found in Sleep Squares that I should be aware of?
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What are Sleep Squares?
What are the active ingredients?
What is the complete ingredient list?
What is the source of the Mono and Diglycerides / Monoglycérides Succinylés?
What is the source of the palm oil?
Why do we use a synthetic version of Melatonin / Melatonine?
Use & Benefits
Am I required to designate a certain amount of time to sleep if I use Sleep Squares?
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Are there any side effects to taking Sleep Squares?
Can I take Sleep Squares if I have consumed alcohol?
How long before bed do I take Sleep Squares?
How long do I have to take Sleep Squares to start seeing results?
How many pieces should I take a night?
How many Sleep Squares come in a box?
How should I store my box of Sleep Squares?
I work nights. Can I take Sleep Squares during the day for sleep?
I'm a vegetarian. Are Sleep Squares OK for me to eat?
Why are Sleep Squares vegetarian but not vegan?
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Will Sleep Squares impair my ability to function? Drive a car?
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What is the Upstate Dream Institute & Slumberland Snacks?